Powder Coating


Electrostatic powder coating is a process that uses charged particles and a curing process to efficiently paint metal and aluminum products. Powder coating offers uniform surfaces, UV, corrosion, and abrasion resistance, as well as complete coverage on even the most complex of shapes. Using only the highest quality of paints available, Marryat & Scott Egypt offers a large variety of finishes while ensuring excellent quality.

Our Equipment:

Marryat & Scott Egypt is equipped with a state of the art powder coating line that employs the latest technology in powder coating held up to international standard.

Our equipment consists of:

  • 6 powder coating guns
  • 2 powder coating booths
  • 1 fully automated filtration and paint recycling system
  • 1 twenty-five meter by two and a half meter high temperature curing oven
  • 1 ten meter by 4 meter high temperature curing oven


  • Pre-Treatment – products to be powder coated are cleaned with organic hydrocarbon chemical compounds. This process ensures that the surface of the product is free of any contaminant such as solid particles, grease, or rust. Pre-treatment is essential in guaranteeing high quality powder coating.
  • Powder Application – an electrostatic spray gun is used to apply the charged powder particles to the surface of the product. Any extra powder is collected in the spray booth using an automated powder recovery system.
  • Curing – the curing process allows the powder to cross-link with the product material via heat. Following a full cure cycle the cross-linking process will be complete ensure powder coating durability and quality.


  • Durable
  • Economical
  • Environmental
  • Uniform
  • Variety